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Luxury Runner Rug Underlay

Our Luxury Runner Rug Underlay will secure your Weaver Green runner rug on top of any textile floor covering or hard flooring surface, with a comfortable feel underfoot.

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The light spongy effect allows the underlay and the rug to breathe, with no risk of oxidation or discoloration to any flooring surface.

When placing on top of carpeting, place the underlay black side down.

When placing on smooth flooring, place the underlay grey side down.

Available in a range of pre-cut sizes compatible to your Weaver Green Rug, view them all here.

Cleaning guide: Vacuum loose debris on a low setting on your hoover. The underlay is easy to reposition once areas underneath and around are cleaned.

Fabulously thoughtful

Weaver Green textiles have a place in every home. Gorgeous, functional and with brilliant eco-friendly credentials, there's something for everyone.

From our beautiful bags and aprons to our stunning rugs, cushions and blankets, everything we sell is made entirely from recycled plastic bottles. Soft and textured like natural fabrics, our products are strong, stain-resistant and machine washable.

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